Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunglass Central Your #1 Source for Prescription & Non Prescription Sunglasses

 At Sunglass Central we can install your RX and most any style of fashion or Sport sunglasses. Even if you purchased your sunglasses online or you were told that you cannot put your prescription in your sunglasses, sunglass central will be able to accommodate your prescription in the sunglasses of your choice! We have over 45 years of optical experience at our fingertips. Additionally, we have the proper cutting edge grinding equipment to fabricate your eyewear to meet your needs. All our fabrication we are sunglasses is performed in-house for excellent quality control.

Stop in in either our Newtown or Jamison locations. We have experienced staff that has an optical background that can present you all your options for your performance sunwear. For your convenience our Newtown location is open Sundays 11 to 5… thank you for your interest!

There is a distinct difference between A large chain sunglass store and the quality and care that you receive from privately owned sunglass shop. You will not pay anymore for our quality service and Percision products......... Stop by and let us show you the difference! 

Sunglass Central has the largest selection and more brands then all your major sunglass stores

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sunglass Central can RX most any Sunglass

Newtown Location: 215-579-2020                      Jamison / Doylestown Location: 215-491-2500


Sunglass Central has the experience, technology and passion to fabricate most any prescription sunglass that you desire. We have the largest selection Bucks County and beyond! With locations in Newtown and Jamison you can browse through over 1000 sunglasses. We carry brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Bolle, Arnett, Smith optics, Gucci and Costa.   Sunglass Central offers all these brands and nonprescription or prescription Applications.

We custom make sports sunglasses for golf, biking, motorcycle riding, driving, all outdoor sports, golf, leisure and beachwear. We understand all the latest lens technology including the new Oakley Prism Lens.

How many times have you been told:  "we can't do your prescription in these sunglasses" you will rarely hear that at Sunglass Central! Even if you have a beloved pair of sunglasses you purchased elsewhere. Sunglass Central will be able to install an R/X for you! We can fabricate your prescription in: plastic CR39, glass, polycarbonate, trivex, polarized, transitions, and fashion tints. We also offer fashion mirror coatings and anti reflective coatings for your lenses in both prescription and nonprescription. Our technicians will fit you're sunwear or protective eyewear properly for better eye protection and comfort.           You cant beat our pricing, service or quality!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sunglass Central will host another Oakley sales event weekend beginning Saturday November 28th. This is a great sale with giveaways tremendous deals on Oakley prescription and non-prescription eyewear and sunglasses. Don't miss these deals on the entire Oakley eyewear line.

 At Sunglass Central your sunglasses will be professionally fitted and you will be advised on styles and the best sunglass lenses for your needs. Let us build your sunglasses. Our prescription ranges exceed all our competitors. Over 1000 non prescription styles in stock!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Polarized Sunglasses Prescription & Non Prescription
Most automobiles, these days, have a front windshield that is near 45° angle. Reflection at that angle, from the dashboard, can be a real problem. Polarized lenses will eliminate that reflection and you will have an unobstructed view through your windscreen. It is amazing how much clearer you will see and what a safer driver you will be! In addition, reflections and road glare are significantly reduced!

The term polarization or polarized is derived from the manufacturing process of these lenses.

Polarized lenses are actually two lenses laminated together at opposite poles with a tinted film between the two surfaces.      

Today, polarized lenses are available in many different colors and densities. The three most popular colors are; gray, brown and gray-green (G-15). Polarized lenses are also available in lighter tints and gradients. However, the effectiveness of the polarization is diminished in lighter colors.
Recently, Essilor and Transitions has developed a variable polarization lens that changes from light to dark called Transitions Vantage. The lens has had limited success since polarization is only effective when the lens gets dark and does not work behind the windshield of a vehicle.

At Sunglass Central we can fabricate Sunglasses in your prescription in many colors of polarized lenses, in just about any frame you wish. We are your source for glasses for fishing, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding, golf and many other forms of sport sunglasses.

We also provide a polarized prescription in all the major sunglass brands such as Oakley, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban and more. Stop by any time in our locations in Jamison & Newtown.